Presentations - Talks

ACASVA-1 (September 2009)


Meeting Agenda

ACASVA - Overview (Dr. David Windridge)

Understanding Tennis (Dr. Bill Christmas)

Cognitive bootstrapping for knowledge transfer in automatic sports video annotation (Prof. Josef Kittler)

Player Action (Dr. Teo de Campos )


Work on Audio Signal Processing for ACASVA (Dr. Qiang Huang)

ACASVA-2 (January, 2010)


Progress with players action recognition (Dr. Teo de Campos)

ACASVA-3 (June, 2010)


Meeting Agenda

Players action detection (Dr. Teo de Campos)

HMM-based anomaly detection (Dr. Ibrahim Almajai)

Tennis Ball Tracking (Dr. Fei Yan)

ACASVA-4 (January, 2011)


Meeting Agenda

Player detection and action recognition (Dr. Teo de Campos)

HMM-based event detection using ball trajectories (Dr. Ibrahim Almajai)

Ball and Shuttlecock Tracking (Dr. Fei Yan)

ACASVA-4.5 (March, 2011)

Skype Meeting

ACASVA-5 (June, 2011)


Meeting Agenda

Anomaly on player detection (Dr. Teo de Campos)

Transfer Learning for Action Recognition (Nazli Faraji Davar)

Kernel Methods in ACASVA (Dr. Fei Yan)

ACASVA-6 (January, 2012)


Meeting Agenda

Acasva Datasets (Dr. Bill Christmas)

Anomaly detection experiments (Dr. Teo de Campos)

Transfer learning for action classification in racket games (Miss Nazli FarajiDavar)

Cartesian product label-based hierarchical bottom-up clustering for bame rules induction (Mr. Aftab Khan)

Event classification with Structured Output Learning (Dr. Fei Yan)

Improved ball hit detection with application to game identification (Dr. Qiang Huang)

Knowledge-based modulation of eye-movements in dynamic scenes (Dr. Shuichiro Taya)


January, 2010

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