Refereed Conference Papers
[2012] Eng-Jon Ong, Helen Cooper, Nicolas Pugeault, Richard Bowden, "Sign Language Recognition using Sequential Pattern Trees", In Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, 2012. [bib] [pdf]
Refereed Workshop Papers
[2011] Ralph Elliott, Helen Cooper, John Glauert, Richard Bowden, François Lefebvre-Albaret, "Search-By-Example in Multilingual Sign Language Databases", In Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Sign Language Translation and Avatar Technology (SLTAT), Dundee, Scotland, 2011. [bib] [pdf]
Other Publications
[2011] Helen Cooper, Eng-Jon Ong, Richard Bowden, "Give Me a Sign : A Person Independent Interactive Sign Dictionary", Technical report, FEPS, University of Surrey, no. VSSP-TR-1/2011, Guildford, UK, 2011. [bib] [pdf]
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