Surrey "Vislab" RIR Dataset


Dataset overview

Room impulse response (RIR) data were recorded defining the acoustic transfer function from 60 loudspeakers in a circular array to 864 microphones located in three zones within the circle. Each RIR is 32767 samples at 48 kHz. The dataset was captured in the University of Surrey's PATS Studio 2 in September 2013, and includes metadata describing all microphone and loudspeaker positions, the room size and ambient temperature, plus some photos. The dataset comprises three files in the SOFA format. Each file corresponds to a densely sampled zone. Metadata are encoded directly in to the SOFA files, and an overview of the dataset is provided as PDF documentation. Other researchers may find the impulse responses useful for designing and analyzing the performance of spatial audio techniques in a fairly dry, reflective acoustic environment.

SOFA Format

We recommend that the RIRs are downloaded in SOFA format. The source and sensor positions, room geometry and other important metadata are incorporated in the .sofa files. SOFA stands for Spatially Oriented Format for Acoustics, and is the AES standard for representing space-related acoustic data.
The SOFA API can be downloaded from the SOFA wiki.
More information about SOFA is available from the AES Standards blog.